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The Mobileye collision avoidance system provides driver assist features above and beyond most factory new car safety equipment.  The system includes lane departure warning, forward collision warning, pedestrian collision warning, headway monitoring, intelligent high beam control, and many more safety features.  Yes, this unit will recognize a dark road and turn your high beams on and off for you automatically.  This safety technology can be installed on almost any vehicle and provides peace of mind comparable to any safety feature available in a brand new car.

The CarShield vehicle GPS tracking and telematics system is the most advanced on the market.  It provides affordable and real-time vehicle location tracking, including detail as to how fast the vehicle is moving and whether the engine is running or not.  It includes popular features such as geofencing and speed alerts, and alerts can be customized to be delivered via e-mail or SMS text message.  The system is also advanced enough to measure fuel usage and report if there are any diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) stored in the vehicle's computer system.  All of these features are available with an affordable hardware investment and reasonable yearly service plan.  This is simply the best safety, tracking and telematics system available.


OnStar FMV allows the OnStar system to be installed in any vehicle! The new OnStar FMV (for my vehicle) rearview mirror replaces your current mirror and adds OnStar automatic crash response, emergency services, live OnStar advisors, roadside assistance, stolen vehicle assistance, and Bluetooth hands-free calling. OnStar is a replacement for AAA or your current automotive club but also adds the benefits of operator assisted GPS navigation as well as the ability to track your vehicle if it is lost or stolen.


Parrot Bluetooth Kits represent the finest Bluetooth hands-free technology available. Parrot is the golden standard in Bluetooth development, and Parrot technologies are integrated into many aftermarket radio manufacturers' products. We stock a wide range of Parrot Bluetooth kits ideal for your car. Some models include iPod and auxillary audio input, making the Parrot kit the perfect component for Bluetooth hand-free calling and iPod integration. With new laws being passed in various states, call us or stop in our store to have a Parrot Bluetooth kit professionally installed.


Window tinting - We offer window tinting on site. We use Johnson window films for their quality, durability, and lifetime warranty. Our professional technician has over 15 years of window tinting experience. We stock films both dark and light. Whether 20%, 35%, or a combination of both, we can apply window film to give your vehicle that luxury look. Please call for an exact estimate based on your vehicle and amount of glass.

The Escort Passport 9500ci is the most advanced custom-installed radar detector and laser shifter combination we have ever carried. It features precision radar detection and laser jamming, combined with GPS technology. The GPS chip embedded in the 9500ci is location-aware, so the Escort will automatically lock out annoying false alarms. It also notifies you of red light cameras, speed cameras, and speed trapsvia a pre-loaded future proof database that is computer updatable. The 9500ci is truly an engineering marvel, and a must-have for any driving enthusiast.

Parking Sensors are a popular factory feature in new cars. Perzan can install them on any car. We use the best sensors on the market and custom paint every set to match your bumper. We are widely known for our sensor installations that look like they came from the factory. The sensors will sound a tone that slowly increases in repetition as you reverse closer to another object. We can install them on your rear bumper, front bumper, or both. They are a very affordable convenience feature.